Multiple Teams · MHS slashes student ticket prices

In the midst of installing field turf, designing a new-look basketball court and having two successful teams coming back on campus, here’s something that will generate even more excitement for fans: The Marion High School athletic department is slashing student ticket prices for games during the 2014-15 school year!

In the past, students paid the same admission price as adults. This year, the normal $5 price will be lowered to $2 for students. This will allow students’ dollars to stretch twice as far — allowing them to see more than twice the number of games they did last year!

Marion High School has seen tremendous success recently in the areas of academics and college readiness by putting the focus on the students. We hope a renewed focus on students will also work wonders for our athletics.

“The idea to lower the price of student admission to athletic events is a sound idea,” MHS Principal Lennon Brown said. “On the other end of the continuum, we have addressed the concept for academics. Not only do we encourage students to take more challenging classes, we also pick up the cost for tests taken by students in Advancement Placement classes. It is my hope that this decision will encourage our students to come and support the effort of their peers in competition. I would rather see our bleachers filled with students rather than as they have appeared in the past for some sports.”

MCS Director of Athletics Jamy Bechler emphasized the importance of such student-centric policies.

“This isn’t really a money decision,” he said. “This is a student decision. This is common sense decision. Superintendent Brad Lindsay and Principal Lennon Brown are truly student-centered leaders. We all exist for the students. The students are why we are here. We must have a sense of urgency to make this the best experience possible. Let’s give them every opportunity to be a part of the special things that are happening in Marion athletics.”

The decision to lower student ticket prices will not only give Marion students more opportunities to attend sporting events, but it will provide more support for their fellow student-athletes. It is designed to encourage more students to attend games, which will generate more school spirit and pride.

“It always helps give us a boost when we have our friends and classmates cheering us on.” said incoming MHS senior Emily Murphy, a state-qualifier gymnast and an All-State Academic girls’ soccer player for the regional-qualifying team.

Her soccer teammate Shi Hobbs agreed:

“I think the new plan shows that Marion wants more students to come to our games and support us,” she said.

Luke Oliver, incoming MHS senior, All-State Academic soccer player, and captain of the boys’ semi-state qualifier soccer team, is excited for the opportunity.

“It’s an awesome idea that student prices are being brought down,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity not only for the students who want to watch the games but also for the athletes as they will have the support from their classmates.”

The Giant soccer teams might benefit the most from this news, as they are going to be playing on-campus after playing for years at the city park. They will host their home games on the new field turf of Dick Lootens Stadium.

“Certainly this is aimed at providing more opportunities to all students, whether they are spectators attending more games or participants feeling more energy and support from the fans,” Bechler said. “In soccer, in particular, students will now have easier access to games with the teams playing on-campus. Two dollars is a bargain to go cheer on and support your friends.”

Incoming MHS senior and All-State Academic soccer player Sam Dietrich is hoping for big crowds full of friendly faces.

“I think that by offering a student discount and playing on school grounds it will definitely bring in a large amount of students, which we haven’t had in the past,” she said. “A bigger fan base and support system will hopefully help our team to play with more confidence.”

Giants athletics has a long and storied tradition of success across the board in many sports. Bechler said he sees this continuing and wants the students to enjoy this time in their lives.

“Marion is the home of champions,” he said. “We have done giant things and continue to do giant things. We want our current students to say that these were the good old days. We want them to have a great experience. There will be more opportunity to see our high quality teams and student-athletes in action. Our product on the playing fields is top-notch, but we want to make the atmosphere at the event exciting, as well.”

All Marion Community School students with a valid student ID will receive this discount at all MHS home athletic events.