Multiple Teams · Student-Athlete Leadership Training Begins

UPDATED:  Congratulations to the following student-athletes on their selection to the Leadership Team:

  • Taylor Asher, Adam Betz, Khabrei Cobb, Greer Decker, Katie Erickson, Seven Gray, Megan Griffin, Adrien Howard, Sophia Kitts, Tim Leavell, Emily Lindsay, Jenna Mauller, Macie McCarthy, Connor Moritz, Katie Murphy, Andrea Persinger, Tyger Phillips, Chanveda Phuong, Ian Reynolds, Anthony Reynolds, Kaylynn Scher, Noah Shigley, Nick Spitzer, Jalen Springer, Camille Wheels, Analese Whitton, Dante Whitton, Riley Worland, Elizabeth Wuertley,

Our first session is during “Success Period” on Tuesday, October 27.  Our second session will be during “Success Period” on Wednesday, November 4.  Sessions will take place in the hospitality room across from the cafeteria.

The Marion athletic department will begin conducting Student-Athlete Leadership Training sessions once again. 

If interested in joining the sessions, click here to download a Student-Athlete Leadership Application

About 25 total student-athletes went through some training sessions last year.  Marion’s athletic director, Jamy Bechler, will be leading the weekly sessions. 

Interested student-athletes will need to submit an application to be a part of the student-athlete leadership training sessions.  Not only will the sessions serve to help them fully develop their leadership skills but they will have the opportunity to provide feedback on topics at Marion including sportsmanship, student-athlete expectations, community service activities and developing captain’s guidelines.

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“Not only do we want our student-athletes to be champions on the fields of competition, but we want them to be champions of character, as well”, said Bechler.  “We will be promoting the concepts of teamwork, adding value to others and developing the potential that is within each of us.  We will draw upon many of John Maxwell’s leadership principles during our weekly sessions.”

John Maxwell is a best-selling author and leadership expert, who is Indiana Wesleyan University’s 2015 World Changer recipient.