Multiple Teams · Booster Club Membership Drive

The Marion Giant Athletic Booster Club membership drive is now underway.   This is a great way to support the student-athletes and teams that represent Marion.  Marion has a rich and proud tradition of excellence on and off the playing fields.  The MGAB’s financial contributions have made Giant impacts on all 20 of Marion’s sports and thousands of athletes through the years.

There are different benefits that Booster club members receive.  Depending upon the level, you might receive hospitality room passes, parking passes or season tickets.  But more importantly, by joining the Marion Giant Athletic Boosters you will be helping fund opportunities for scholarships, student-athlete leadership conferences, awards, meals, uniforms and equipment.  The MGAB has a vital role to play in helping the Marion Giants continue to make this community proud.  There are different individual and corporate levels based upon your ability to give.“I am a Giant by choice.  Last year, I choose to come to Marion to be part of something special”, said athletic director Jamy Bechler.  “It has been very exciting to see the enthusiasm and support that so many people have for Marion Athletics.  It is not just when we win and not just one sport or another but all of Giant athletics.  That is impressive.  Our student-athletes work hard and we have a lot of special things happening here.  Our Booster Club is a way that anyone can help contribute to our success as an athletic department.  All of our student-athletes are special and deserve the best that we can offer them.”

For more information on how you can help support Marion Giant Athletics, please click on the following links:

Bechler further added, “Not all booster club members live in Marion.  Some are also more passionate about one sport, while another is most passionate about a completely different sport.  However, the common threat among all booster club members is that they support and take tremendous pride in Marion athletics.  No matter who the players are that particular year, no matter who the coach is, no matter what the schedule looks like or how many wins and losses we have, it is great that we have so many people out there willing to help our student-athletes and support them.”