Giants News · Moritz takes lead for MHS athletics; Bell will move into MHS administration

Marion High School’s next athletic director is a familiar face, as it is a return to the role for him. Steve Moritz will build on a career in communications, as well his previous tenure leading MHS athletics.

The Marion Community Schools Board of School Trustees approved his hiring as Marion High School athletic director at their regular meeting on April 10.

Moritz served as assistant athletic director under Jim Fricke from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, and served as AD for a year. The Marion native has also long been a fixture in local sports broadcasting, bringing area sports fans information with his “Moritz Sports” show on WBAT. Now, he’ll turn this experience toward maintaining progress for MHS athletics.

“Marion is known for hanging banners, for winning championships,” Moritz said. “Striving for that big win is great, but providing for student-athletes and the student body as a whole the best experience we can day-in and day-out is more important. We know that athletic experiences enhance our students’ opportunities. It’s our job to provide the best experiences we can.”

He said he’s looking forward to bringing stability, accountability, and strong communication with coaching staff, student athletes, and patrons who help support Giants sports and Marion Community Schools.

MHS Principal Keith Burke said the outlook for the department is positive with Moritz at the helm.

“Steve brings experience and passion that is needed to lead the proud Marion Giant athletic department,” Burke said. “He is a true Marion Giant, and he wants the best for all of our students and student-athletes.”

After graduating from Marion High School, Moritz earned his bachelor’s degree in management and marketing from Indiana State University.

Superintendent Brad Lindsay said he expects continued progress for Marion Giants sports under Moritz’s leadership.

“Steve has know-how and proven experience, and he is an all-win Marion Giant,” Lindsay said. “He passionately wants to be a part of our mission here at Marion Community Schools, and that’s what we need.”

Interim AD James Bell promoted to MHS assistant principal

James Bell, who has been serving as interim AD at MHS since January, will shift into a leadership role at Marion High School, as an assistant principal starting next academic year.

He will continue to work closely with the athletic department, as he will oversee the physical education department and will take point on helping student athletes maintain compliance with NCAA requirements, to help provide next-level opportunities for those who want to pursue college athletics. He will also help oversee discipline and work closely with the MHS deans.

“James Bell’s professionalism and experience will be a great help to us as he moves into this new role,” Burke said.

Bell earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University of Central Arkansas, and his master’s degree in health and physical education from Northwest Missouri State University. He has served as coach, teacher, athletic director, and administrator roles in several school districts over his career.

Lindsay said he too has positive expectations as Bell moves into this new role.

“James Bell is a mission-motivated and mature professional educator. He has proven himself to be a trustworthy and dependable leader who acts in the best interest of all students and all families,” Lindsay said. “We look forward to even more contributions from James as we promote him to assistant principal.”