Giants News · Marion Giants Summer Workouts to Begin


The official start for fall sports is July 31st for girls’ golf and August 3rd the remainder of the fall sports teams. Those students that do not attend July workouts may still try out for teams on July 31st and/or August 3rd.


1. Athletic physicals and ALL forms on FinalForms must be complete prior to student participation. All first-time athletes MUST have an IHSAA physical on file in the Marion High School Athletic Department prior to participation on July 6. All returning athletes who have a physical on file from the 2019/2020 school year and choose not to get a new physical must fill out and sign the 2020/2021 IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire and Consent & Release Certificate and turn both into the Athletic Department by July 6th. Marion Community Schools will still be hosting the annual Free Sports Physical Night on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020, at 5:00 pm for any students that need and/or want a new physical.

2. Athletes are only permitted to participate in 15 hours of Marion High School sanctioned activities per calendar week. Athletes are allowed to participate in Marion High School sanctioned activities for no more than 6 hours per day. Only 2 of the 6 hours can be spent conditioning.

3. Scheduled workouts will be limited to 2 days per week per sport on non-consecutive days. Emphasis should be placed on skill development with limited contact during this time.

4. Workouts sessions will last a maximum of 3 hours for each group.

5. Conditioning sessions can take place 4 days per week and are limited to 2 hours per day.

6. Weight room will operate at 50% capacity. All athletes in the weight room facility must wear a face covering when not exercising and under the supervision of a coach.

7. The Athletic Department will use an Observational/Self-Reported Screening process to look for signs of Covid-19 before athletes prior to participation in any activity.

8. Coaches will keep their instruction groups to no larger than 15 athletes per group. If a team has multiple coaches, each coach can work with 15 athletes.

9. ALL coaches, medical-related staff, supervisors, and directors WILL wear face coverings unless engaged in vigorous activity or it poses a health risk. The wearing of masks is optional for students.

10. All athletes will be required to bring their own water bottle, towel, etc. Athlete’s name must be clearly written on all said equipment brought to each workout/conditioning session and MUST NOT be shared with other athletes.

11. All sport specific equipment shared by athletes will be sanitized at the end of each session.

12. Locker rooms will not be available.

13. Restrooms will be available at each facility and sanitized daily.

14. Head Coaches should develop an alternative command structure for their coaching staff in the case of an illness amongst his/her staff. Please share this plan with the athletic director once completed.


1. Do not attend workouts if you are not feeling well, have a fever or have recently been exposed to the COVID 19 virus.

2. Do not attend workouts if you have been exposed to COVID 19 until you have gone through the proper quarantine which is 14 days from the time of exposure.

3. Wash workout clothes after each day’s session.

4. When not working out, keep a reasonable distance from teammates when possible.

5. Wash hands after using the restroom.

6. Do not share water bottles, gloves or other workout items.

7. Make sure your ride, if necessary is here when the workout is finished. Students should not be congregating while waiting for their ride home.

8. No parents will be allowed to spectate or be in the facilities during conditioning sessions.

9. We will not be monitoring student’s transportation to and from workouts. If an athlete is riding to and from workouts with another athlete, all parents should be aware and grant permission.


Steve Moritz

Athletic Director

Marion High School