Giants News · Mask requirements remain in place at school events

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced on March 23 that the mask requirements for schools would remain in place through the end of the school year. This includes all school events on school property.

The following guidelines have been in place at Marion Community Schools since the beginning of the school year, and will remain in place unless otherwise communicated:

Masks are required at school for staff and students in school buildings and on school property. All bus riders are required to wear masks. There will be situations in a school where masks are required for all students (such as inside a nurse’s clinic). Masks are required by the governor’s order for third grade and above, but we are still strongly recommending for grades 2 and below. There can be exceptions as dictated by IEP/504 or other arrangements upon administration approval. We expect all staff and students to have a mask with them at all times.

Please note: Within classrooms and other settings where social distancing is possible, masks may be removed, upon administration / teacher approval.

At school events, masks and social distancing are required for all spectators, coaches, and student participants (with exceptions for student participants when masks are not possible due to specific activity). Additional guidance for spring sports season at Marion High School is available here.

>> Click here to read the governor’s full address from March 23